Dr. Csaba Katona

criminal lawyer

Why have I become a criminal lawyer?

I am Dr Csaba Katona, a criminal lawyer. I worked as a trainee lawyer in a well-known law firm in Budapest. During my term there I got an inside view to almost all major areas of law. However, already during my university years it had become clear to me that criminal law is what I wanted to be specialised in. Almost 10 years in the profession have confirmed my decision to specialise, as experience has shown that I can only represent my clients at a professional level if I am dealing with a specific area of law. As a result, now I exclusively represent clients in criminal matters.

How did I get my degree?

I spent almost a year on a university scholarship at the Karl Franz University of Law in Austria, where I studied international criminal law and the specifics of Austrian labour law. I graduated in law with Cum Laude qualification. Thanks to my studies abroad, I am fluent in English and German. After graduating with distinction in criminal law, I have decided to set up my own law practice.

Why did I want to become a criminal lawyer?

As a criminal lawyer, I have defended clients in numerous high-profile cases in all areas of criminal law. For me, being a defence lawyer is not just a job, it is a way of life. It requires an extremely complex, creative and logical mindset to structure a defence, which is an unending challenge for me. I have been reading crime novels since I was quite young and, of course, I have watched all the episodes of the well-known crime series Blue Light. I am also constantly improving my knowledge by analyzing the latest legal cases on the Law Library website.

Why should you choose me?

I believe that the opinions of my past and present clients are a true reflection of my dedication to the legal profession. You can read my clients’ reviews here.

dr. Csaba Katona lawyer

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